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Below are some answers from our expert appliance repair techs from everyday customers just like you here in San Jose and the South Bay. If your questions is not answered here then please feel free to call, text or email us anytime!


What time do you close?


We are open 24 hours a day including all holidays.


What areas do you service in San Jose?


EZ Fix services all of San Jose and the entire South Bay area from Palo Alto to Milpitas.


What appliances do you repair?


We repair all appliances including built-in luxury units, commercial kitchen appliances and industrial refrigeration units like meat lockers plus wine cellars.


Do you offer over-the-phone estimates?


In some cases we'll do our best to tell you what you might spend but for most repair requests please understand that we would have to see the unit first.


Do you offer same-day service?


EZ Fix always offers fast same-day service especially if you need a refrigerator or freezer repaired. We service all of San Jose and the South Bay area so contact us anytime for an appointment.


What are your fees?


Our call-out and estimate fee starts at just $80 which is about half the price of our leading corporate competitors although, EZ Fix is one of the few repair companies in San Jose to apply this small initial fee towards the total. Basically, it is like a small deposit for our expert services.


Do you charge extra for Sundays or holidays?


We do not charge an extra fee but on holidays we only repair refrigerators, freezers and especially ovens on Thanksgiving!


Do you repair Samsung appliances or LG refrigerators in San Jose?


Yep, we can repair any Samsung appliance that heats, cools or washes including LG refrigerators and Samsung dishwashers, ovens and wine refrigerators.



Do you repair built-in refrigerators like Dacor, Thermador, Viking and Sub Zero?


Yes, we are one of the few refrigeration companies able to repair German import brands like Bosch and Gaggenau so of course we can repair Viking, Dacor and Thermador.



Who Should I call if the gas company won't come for my stove or dryer?


Call EZ Fix if you smell gas or need help with your gas appliance! We are near you and have you covered! With an expert team consisting of 5 managers with three locations we can be there for you on the same day to address any concern with a gas stove, cooktop, oven or dryer. 



My front-load washer smells bad and has black stuff. Should I get that looked at?


Call EZ Fix if you smell a foul order from your washer or see black gunk. That's mold. We'll do our best to clean it out but the rubber boot or gasket may need to be replaced.


Is it worth repairing a Samsung refrigerator or LG fridge?


Yes it is and most LG refrigerators have a seven year warranty for the compressor.


How expensive is it to replace a compressor?


The compressor is basically like the heart of the refrigerator and one of the most expensive parts to replace. Most compressors start at $250 and can easily go up from there. However, it is still often times cheaper to replace the compressor rather than buy a new refrigerator especially, with built-in fridges like Thermador, Viking and Dacor. 


What is the life expectancy of my fridge?


At least 15 years if maintained and treated properly. US-made brands can last longer.


What appliance brand do you recommend to buy?


We recommend purchasing Whirlpool appliances if you are on a budget. If you are looking for high-end and luxury appliances then we would recommend Sub Zero - Wolf for refrigeration and Viking for ovens & dishwashers.


Is it worth keeping my wine refrigerator and small wine cooler?


Certain import brands may no longer manufacture replacement parts and therefore we cannot repair these wine fridge models. Small table-top wine coolers units are not worth repairing. A new small wine cooler can be bought for just slightly over the total price for repairing these units.


What is the ideal fridge temperature?


Keep your refrigerator set to a temperature range of 35°-38°F (or 1.7°-3.3°C) and a few degrees lower for outdoor fridges during hot San Jose summers.


Which LG fridge model is the best right now?


We recommend the following LG refrigerator models: LG 284 L, LG LFXS series, LG 889 L and the stylish as well as high tech LG Signature 984L InstaView


Is it expensive to repair a Samsung or LG appliance?


It depends although the replacement parts do carry a higher premium due to shipping costs from South Korea and China. These brands are also the Lexus or Mazda of appliances. They will always require a seasoned appliance repair tech.



Do Samsung and LG appliances break a lot?


Samsung and LG appliances have many pioneering and unique features that many other brands do not have. However, those extra press settings and warming features equal more things that can break and go wrong. With proper maintenance these units can last many years problem-free.



What is the best German refrigerator company to buy?


Overall, our EZ Fix repair techs like Bosch appliances for import fridges.



Should I repair my garbage disposal?


Unless you have a commercial garbage disposal a majority of the time our appliance repair techs will simply replace the unit. Nowadays, many 1/2 HP disposals and Insinkerator units are so cheap now it is best to replace rather than repair.



Digital Appliances

We can repair any digital feature on any new cellular refrigerator including touchscreen Samsung and LG fridges. Call anytime for service.

Service Warranty

We warranty and always guarantee all of our repair work and also our replacement parts. EZ Fix is the local company in San Jose you can trust.

Spare Parts

We only use genuine OEM replacement parts made by your appliance company when we repair any appliance. We never cut any corners.

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No Service Wait Times

We always offer fast same day service no matter where you are in San Jose and the South Bay area.

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We service commercial freezers for local hotels so, we're always open for biz.


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All of our appliance repair technicians are certified by the EPA and we ONLY use eco-friendly replacement parts and soldering materials when we repair your appliance. We also only use genuine factory-made replacement parts and never use cheap 2nd-hand parts from China that break easily or that are toxic to your health. We take pride in what we do and we never cut any corners just to save a few pennies. We also follow the EPA strict guidelines when repairing ice makers and water dispensers. We’re the company you can trust in San Jose.


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